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Notable Comments
100% is what I'll give you for every piano song cover you've done! (Facebook Page)
Joel Reyes
Always have a perfect cover for my favourites songs! You are my inspiration, awesome technique and execution!
I LOVE how it looks like her fingers are just sliding on the keys and she's putting no effort whatsoever. 
Whateva Peeps
Really great cover! Best one I've heard! There's an intricate beauty and fragility to Zedd's song you captured beautifully!
Andrew Hirschhorn
She feels the music inside her, I can feel her expressions while playing that song.
Sirijan Thakur
Your works are such perfect translations of the originals! I can always hear the original song when I listen to your versions. Hope I can get there one day; really enjoy your covers!
Kevin Lu
Awesome, amazing, gorgeous, fabulous, beautiful! I have no words to describe your talent! You are an exceptional pianist! (The Weeknd - The HillsCover Video))
Virtuoso and creative Miri has a gift that not all virtuosos have. Miri is a rare pianist when it comes to perfect pitch and perfect tempo that many accomplished virtuosos are lacking. Miri makes it sound more than good for starters and almost all the time better than original musical song. Like the arrangement she made of - hello - is awesome and she was not putting all her gift on the song while playing I could tell. (Instagram)
Wow, you captured almost every element in the song. I'm not a music major but that's how I would describe how good your playing is. (Stitches - Shawn Mendes Cover Video)
It's crazy how you can make it sound like the original one! :) (Faded - Alan Walker Cover Video)
Linus Nabroth
You are spectacular!!! Never heard of a cover better than this!!! My dream is to become an elegant, professional pianist like you!! (Writing's on the Wall - Sam Smith Cover Video)
Judi Morhil
When I listen to your music it is like I forget all my problems. It is so magical, i can't describe it with words. Keep doing what you are doing because you are just amazing 😊 Love from Spain <3 (Pillowtalk - Zayn Cover Video)
Maria Villar
I have been playing piano for over 35 years, and you definately have the "it" factor. Wow. The feeling that you put into every one of your songs.... Many people can 'play' the piano ... not many / very few FEEL the music like you do. That is the best compliment that any pianist can give another pianist. Never stop. TR (F*ck You - Cee Lo Green Cover Video)
Beautiful. The pianist, the playing, beautiful. The song is OK, what makes it beautiful is Miri Lee. (Like I'm Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor Cover Video)
Music is my religion. Piano is the church. Miri is the preacher! (Sing Me To Sleep - Alan Walker Cover Video)
Linus Nabroth
Can't remember the last time a song literally made me tear up. Beautiful! Thank you! (Sing Me To Sleep - Alan Walker Cover Video)
Matthew Johnson
I listened to this song like 1000 times 😋 this cover is truly amazing! (Rise (NBC Olympics 2016) - Katy Perry Cover Video)
Aneena Joseph
Miri, you are a true inspiration through your music. The dedication and grace that you incorporate in every piece that you create are truly beautiful. You are the reason I've decided to learn piano <3 Thank you so much for the passion that you share with the world! Sydney, Australia (Just Like Fire - P!nk Cover Video)
Anna Le
When it comes to piano covers on modern music, no one can beat Miri Lee (Faded - Alan Walker Cover Video)
Melody is beauty, you are beauty! (Heathens - Twenty One Pilots Cover Video)
Marisa and fun!
PianistMiri you're actually the coolest person on YouTube (Let It Go - Idina Menzel Cover Video)
Enzo Baracuhy
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