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With my adult student!
With my adult student!

I spotted her while shopping. She was also shopping with her daughter at our favourite place, Zara!

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Students at my recital
Students at my recital

Always wonderful to see students coming to hear you play at your concert.

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I never force my students to take pictures with me but I had to. As you can see I don't have very many pictures with my students.

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Eva on the ferry
Eva on the ferry

It's always a nice surprise to see your student on the random places such as BC Ferries.

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Miri teaches
in Vancouver, Richmond & Online!
  • RCM PIANO preliminary to ARCT
  • RCM RUDIMENTS Preliminary to Advanced
  • RCM HARMONY Intro to advanced
  • University entrance auditions
  • Local, Provincial, and National Competitions
*RCM: Royal Conservatory of Music
*ARCT: Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto 
There are plenty of talented pianists out there, but skill in the concert hall doesnʼt always translate into success as a piano teacher. When youʼre seeking that rare combination of experienced performer and talented teacher, you need look no further than Miri Lee, a Vancouver-based pianist and teacher garnering notice for her talent at the keyboard and her uncanny ability to communicate the secrets of her success to students. 

Her commitment to the music, stellar communication skills, a wealth of professional experience, and an unending belief in her studentsʼ ability to conquer every obstacle sets Miri apart as a teacher whose students regularly shine in their music exams and recitals. An award-winning soloist whose talent was featured in a national broadcast on CBC Radio, Miri is committed to equipping her students with the tools they need to one day find their own success in the concert hall. 
Find the music in your fingertips and contact Miri Lee today!
Sabrina Furminger
Thank you for being the greatest piano teacher in Vancouer ever!
I learned a lot from you, because, you taught me very well.
For example, you taught me about the pitch sound, how big, or how smal.
Now I enjoy playing piano. I really liked you, because you tanght me very nicely, and kindly,
and I loved those reasons! Privately, thank you for the tea that you gave me.
It was delicious! I would never forget you.
Again, thanks for being a wonderful teacher!
Have a nice time!
Yours very truly,
Danny Heo (6 year-old)
Thanks for dealing with me for 8 months already! Wow, that went fast. I hope you can deal with me further down the road as well. Thank you for teaching moi!
Sincerely, your favourite student,
Jenna Ahn
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