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Make your wedding 
absolutely unforgetable...


Providing amazing music to set the mood for your wedding or special event and a wide variety of music to entertain all age groups and tastes.

Being a Bride is Hard Work

The invitations, the rings, the gown, the veil, the floral bouquet, the vows: you spend hundreds of hours (not to mention dollars) attending to every last detail of your wedding day. From the colour scheme to the heartfelt speeches to the delicacies and bubbly, your efforts guarantee an experience that will tantalize the senses. Make sure sound is one of them.


Planning a wedding involves a lot of details and final touches.  Choosing wedding music is definitely not an exception. Wedding music does not always involve the usual “Wedding March” by Mendelssohn and “Bridal March” by Richard Wagner any more. Whatever you love listening to can reflect what you may want during your own wedding ceremony.  Times have changed and many couples are now more adventurous with their wedding music selections. I once played at a wedding where the couple chose all latest hits and also a mixture of many other pieces of music from their ethnic background. My most memorable experience is of playing Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” as a recessional piece at a Catholic Full Mass Wedding.


At the consultation, we can share ideas, which will to allow your wedding music ideas to blossom. Or, I can suggest something from the wide variety of music in my library, to create the kind of wedding you have always imagined. I can add that final touch, like a fairy godmother might add, to make everything even more exceptional and exquisite!

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