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The Latest Kpop Cover Videos

I try my best to cover as close to the original music videos. (Compare from the original music videos beside my cover videos.)            
All of my cover videos are my own arrangements played by ear.            

Cover Video - BLACKPINK   -   Typa Girl

Music Video -   BLACKPINK   -   Typa Girl
Cover  - Jisoo   지수 -   Flower   꽃
Music Video - Jisoo   지수 -   Flower   꽃

Cover Video - FIFTY FIFTY - Cupid

Music Video - FIFTY FIFTY - Cupid

Cover Video - IVE 아이브   -   I Am
Music Video - IVE 아이브   -   I Am

Cover Video - NewJeans - Ditto

Music Video -   NewJeans - Ditto

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